Fallen Series by Lauren Kate

Fallen by Lauren Kate is a book series about fallen angels and love that overcomes everything.  I know that it sounds like every other young adult fallen angel book out there, but this series just has something special.  I have loved this series since it came out.  There are a lot of mixed reviews of it out there, but it is an amazing series.  Yes some parts are slow and yes some parts are a bit predictable, but this book is still amazing.  This series has amazing characters and an amazing story line.  Lauren Kate's writing is beautiful in my opinion and I absolutely loved her series. 


Lauren Kate recently released a new book that is connected to the Fallen series.  I thought that the series was over and done with so I was a bit confused when I saw that there was a new book in the series called Unforgiven.  I then found out that this book was about one of my favorite characters in the series and it explained part of his past and it gave reasons as to why he acted the way that he acted.  I got the book for Christmas and I read it right away and wow.  It felt so good to be in this world again and seeing these characters again.  This book was beautifully written and the story was amazing.  It was a beautiful way to add to this world and to this series.  


I highly recommend reading this series.  I've seen people reading Fallen and then stop in the middle, but you have to stick with it.  It gets to be an amazing series and it is worth it so don't give up.